Attention to all PC, laptop, cellphone, and tablet users!


For the safety of your eyes, the effectiveness of your sleep, and the extension of your lives...


We live in amazing times. We are the most advanced society in terms of technology. Powerful electronic devices with the capability of doing what computers twenty years ago could only dream of. There is one problem however. Not only is this technology taking away from precious human interaction, but it is also destroying our health by monumental proportions.

How are smartphones, televisions, and computers damaging our health?

The fact is that the internet is extremely entertaining. So it is more than understandable that we are constantly looking at our phone screens, watching videos on our smart TVs, and browsing the net with our computers. There is a problem however with the constant stimuli on our eyes. Our macula, the area in our eyes that controls vision, is drastically aggressed every second we spend on a bright screen. In the long run this has been shown to increase the degradation of your macula causing vision impairment. This is only the tip of the iceberg, and more terrifying effects have been discovered in accordance to the blue light giving off by your electronics. It is now well documented that the blue light effects the brain by suppression of the hormone melatonin. Melatonin is the "darkness hormone" or circadian rhythm regulator. Those whom use electronic devices at nighttime, which statistically has been shown to be a large portion of the population, have impaired sleep cycles. Because melatonin can only be secreted in full darkness, we extend its production to up to three hours after we fall asleep. This is one of the reasons you wake up feeling tired, sluggish, and have brain fog. Sleep is more important now than ever before. As more than 70% of society is sleep deprived, education about this subject must be advertised on a massive scale. Today, people are sicker, exhausted, and more prone to cardiovascular disease, and cancer than ever. This is now directly correlated to lack of sleep.


So what should we do?


Diminishing our exposure to electronics at nighttime would be the best option. However, who is ready to do such a thing? Again, as mentioned above, our main sources of entertainment are on our phones, TVs, and computers. Renato Persechino from the PR Institute has developed a product that blocks 100% of the blue light emitted from your devices. We present to you GUARDIAN blue light blockers. The newest technology in the "biohacking" field that is taking the world by storm. Hundreds of pairs have been sold with only positive feedback. Get yourself and your family a pair today. Invest in your longevity!


Guardian Blue Light Blocking Glasses