Ive been coaching people for nearly 10 years now with their lifestyle, sleep, exercise, and nutrition goals. Quite frankly its been a blast! Doing something you love while empowering others is an amazing feeling. Through the years of experience there was one major thing that I noticed. There is an epidemic of electronics use at night time thats destroying our sleep quality. Sleep is without a doubt the most important biological function to keep us healthy, yet our electronics are blasting our bodies with blue light at night time. This is not natural blue light and does not have the same positive function that blue light from the sun does in the morning. Blue light at night actually disruptes a vital part of our biology called the ciracadian rhythm. I needed to figure out a way to block out this light which is how I developped the Guardian blue light blockers. 

There is so much we can do to improve our biology. From eating according to our biological necessities, getting the perfect nights sleep everynight, and using technology to increase our longevity. I wanted to change the way people looked at health, so im doing it one step at a time.